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This is ... well. This is why we're probably leaving Montana. Because in the Great Re-Sorting, this nurse is coming here instead of getting vaccinated, wearing a mask at the nursing home, watching football, or having dinner with her parents, who are Biden-loving heretics. Fox News, you did this, and now they are eating your face too.

"Sometimes you have to take a stand," she said.

"You're damn right," Tiffani said. "I started tearing up this morning watching all these nurses walk out around the country on Fox News."

Roughton frowned and shook her head. "You've got to give that up," she said.


"Fox News. I heard they did their own mandate. I switched over to Newsmax."

It was the latest piece of her life she'd surrendered on principle: Sunday afternoon football, after the players started to kneel during the national anthem; her Costco membership, after the store mandated masks; regular dinners with her parents, after she saw a Joe Biden sign in their front yard. During the last several months, she'd started talking to her husband about leaving liberal Washington and moving with their children and grandchildren to Montana or Idaho.

Washington Post

Meanwhile, who's the vaccination absolute MVP? At 98 percent of those eligible vaccinated, it's the lettuce fields of California's Central Valley. (Zocalo Public Square)

You guys aren't going to believe this, but Politico used the noun "Nancy Pelosi" and the verb "wins" in its California newsletter headline. (Politico) Tick-tock of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi saving the BIF. (Politico again)

Wages grew by 12 percent in low-income food, hotel, and leisure industries. Plus other indicia of a quickly flourishing Biden Economy. — The American Prospect

When your antitrust bill excludes Target and Walmart. Don't expect better from Tom Cotton, of course, but AHEM KLOBS. (Techcrunch)

Dr. Oz, a quack, is thinking about running for US Senate from Pennsylvania. Quackery, itemized. — From Missouri Medicine archived at National Institutes of Health

Meanwhile, here's the Trump-backed candidate who ALLEGEDLY strangled his wife.

Max Cleland has died. Wonk pal Charles P. Pierce excoriates #resistance hero Rick Wilson, because that guy can suck all our dicks. — Esquire

McDonald's one weird trick for not being responsible for its managers raping teen employees! (Mother Jones)

Resource use, economics, and the Metaverse. Be a nerd with Noahpinion!

A Bronx post office that was one of four pilot locations to test postal banking has had literally zero takers. Why? David Dayen does journalism at it. (The American Prospect)

The Missoula Mauler, because it came up in conversation. Not a wrestler, a bad murdering man. (Wikipedia)

Oh how lovely. In remembrance of "Avatar," Gillian Lovejoy, an artist and perhaps a witch, but not the demon kind, no demons allowed!!! — Cintra Wilson substack

I have been on a Mary Tyler Moore kick (again) and was trying to figure out how old the actors were at the time, because Lou Grant was "44," which is hilarious — AND HE WAS ACTUALLY YOUNGER, HE WAS 41 — but Cloris Leachman was actually 44, and Betty White, who you couldn't tell if she was supposed to be 35 or 60, was about 52. Leachman died in January at 94, with COVID-19 as a factor. Wikipedia does not even MENTION Granny in Bad Santa, or as my Good Son calls her the second he sees her on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Hey, is that Sammiches?!" (Wik)

Duck a l'orange. (Epicurious) Duck not l'orange. (Julia's Album) (Not that Julia.)

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