Her Acting Was So Bad The Movie Lost Millions! Tabs, Wed., Nov. 3, 2021

Her Acting Was So Bad The Movie Lost Millions! Tabs, Wed., Nov. 3, 2021
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Oh that one study that showed Ivermectin is Good, Actually? Yeah, the authors retracted it after realizing they'd analyzed a fake file that was supposed to be used for training research assistants. But don't worry, even though they asked for a retraction, the authors stand by it. Just fuck you. — Retraction Watch

How did we do last night? I do not as of yet know! But right now while I am strongly considering turning off all news and internets and incoming signals inside the house and going and buying a goddamn pack of cigarettes, it's not awesome!

So this is either hilarious today, or NOT HILARIOUS AT ALL. "As a parent, my number one priority is to protect my children. I assumed that my children's teachers shared that priority, so imagine my surprise when my son Jacob informed me that he was having recurring nightmares—not from some gory movie or violent video game, but from an English class assignment. My 16-year-old son has been wetting the bed in terror ever since he started reading To Kill A Mockingbird, and as a Virginia voter, it is your responsibility to fix this." — Sarah Lazarus at Crooked

The Washington Post's gangbuster January 6 and election disinformation retroview. This is the one (I guess?) that Tucker Carlson said was assigned to rebut his "Loose Change" documentary that isn't even out yet. It is very depressing and worth your click. (WaPo)

The Religious Right's attempt to overthrow the election. They're in it up to their soulless beady grifter eyes. — Liz at Flux

What to call the Democratic "moderates" who certainly aren't fucking moderates? Harold Meyerson at The American Prospect takes an edit from your Wonkette.

Wake me when they get to 60.

Summary of the changes that got one (1) Republican signer. (Leahy)

Patriotic Millionaires detail the taxes that are still, for now, in Build Back Better.

Republicans keep complaining that the feds are seizing fentanyl at the border. Instead of letting it come through? Nobody said it makes any sense. (MSNBC)

One among you has made a playlist. It is a very good playlist.


The migrant workers who fix your shit after your local climate disaster. You will never guess the injuries and wage theft and bounced checks and thousand dollar rent to sleep 23-people-to-a-doublewide and death, oh right, you will. But there's ORGANIZING! — New Yorker

Apocalypse Soon! Bunch of literature nerds gab about the Christian Right, Satan and satan (lowercase). (Flux)

Prune your indoor basil, it is sad. (Mine. My basil is sad.) — Happy DIY Home

This Etsy shop has stupid animal drawings and mushrooms that look like dicks!

This eBay shop of vintage jewelries will make you beautiful and are kinda crazy inexpensive!

This non-Etsy shop has artwork and beautiful jewelry!

This Etsy shop has stabby kitties! I buy one of each potholder that comes out. Give her three days to get back from vacation!

This art website has psychedelic pastels!

This eBay shop is all kinds of flotsam from a propmaster SQUEEEE!

This apparel and things company donates to mental health stuff!

Wonkers, send me your Etsy and non-Etsy shops! The above is all I got this year! Except I think I lost some in my inbox! Which does or does not sound like me, depending on the day!

And if you're in the market for items from the Wonkette Bazaar, please order by the day after Christmas or so; we'll be shutting down the factory for the first few months of 2022! Possibly even the first six month! So preorder your beloved's coffee cup or apron or whatever and then hide it in the garage and be sure to forget where you put it or even what it was. You're welcome!

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