They Were Famous In The '70s. This Is Them Now! Tabs, Wed., Oct. 14, 2020

They Were Famous In The '70s. This Is Them Now! Tabs, Wed., Oct. 14, 2020
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Oh yeah, Supreme Court stopped the Census. (Order, with Sotomayor's ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, RESPECTFULLY dissent)

The Department of Justice is going after former Melania BFF Stephanie Winston Wolkoff for writing a book about the First Lady. As is its traditional role. — Reuters

The president of the United States retweeted a claim that Biden and Obama had Seal Team 6 killed. As is their traditional role.

The Trump campaign thinks Omarosa should pay for an $850,000 ad campaign because this:

"It would be my recommendation that Ms. Manigault Newman pays for the corrective ads/corrective statements outlined above to counteract the long-term adverse effects of information that appeared as a result of Ms. Manigault Newman violating her confidentially agreement," Mr. Rose wrote. He concluded: "If corrective ads are not placed, voters may continue to hold beliefs about the president as a result of Ms. Manigault Newman's statements."

Yes, it's a "corrective ad/statement" to stop people thinking something about the president that they're not arguing isn't true, just that it's secret. — New York Times

Have you heard about the latest USPS bad mailman throwin' away yer ballots outrage? Yes, about that. — Pittsburgh City Paper

Hey Amy Coney Barrett, can Donald Trump delay the election? "A durrr," says Amy Coney Barrett. (Vox)

The Pennsylvania women Trump has lost, oh sad waah. (CNN)

Same TBH: How the Trump campaign almost went broke in Brad Parscale's $200 million budget misfire. — Business Insider

Judge tells illegally serving head of the Bureau of Land Management to step down, he's illegal, after Montana Gov. Steve Bullock files suit against him. Head of Bureau of Land Management asks judge him and what army. (Guardian)


The Missoulian retracts its endorsement of Jennifer Fielder, a Bundyite lunatic who spread the baseless hoax that ANTIFA WAS COMIN' all over the Northwest, after the paper's executive editor, Gwen Florio, resigned over it. Now they're all "we didn't consider that she was a Bundyite, we're agin that," and "we didn't consider that she's against Black Lives Matter, we're fur Black lives matterin'," and "we didn't recognize the impact her Hitler face tattoo might have on people, we're against Hitler face tattoos, always have been." Okay, she doesn't have a Hitler face tattoo that I know of. Anyway, I've been working in media (newspapers for most of it) since 1991, and I've never seen such a total fuckup. Like, if they didn't consider those things, what did they consider? — Missoulian

Speaking of! Simulation games prep journalists for the election: When a Journalist Becomes a Disinformation Agent. (Scientific American)

This is wonderful news for (Washington state and California) mommyblogs! Microsoft and Davis Wright Tremaine are starting a pilot program to offer pro bono services to small outlets in prepublication review, subpoena quashing, and public records access. — Davis Wright Tremaine


I read Rebecca in junior high and it was boring and I didn't remember any of the shocking spoilers in this essay, "The Second Mrs. de Winter." (The Paris Review)

I find her ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to her newsletter (about salad). — Eat Some Salad

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