How QAnon Is Backing Conspiracy Theorist’s Bizarre Claim To The Throne. Tabs, Wed., Sept. 2, 2020

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Did somebody say "celebration"?

Boy is this lady upset she had to wear a mask even though it says right on her shirt she does not want to. Yes, this is still going on. From what I am reading, the new converts to "no masks" and antivax and QAnon (it's all one thing) are all enmeshed in seeing who can make the most humiliating video for the cause. You know, like a cult. (Reddit)

DOJ's Naked Corruption, 'Blue State Nursing Home Coronavirus Investigation' edition. (Slate)

"The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of Brooklyn. How did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios and homes with 'living walls' end up as pandemic villains?" I click you, New York mag. I click you right now. Oh, having read it, I see the answer, it's because they're the worst!

In which Dr. Fauci must explain for the president that no, in fact, coronavirus has NOT killed only 9,000 people. — Crooks and Liars

It can also wreck your heart even if you haven't had any symptoms. (Scientific American)

We're not big on primarying Democrats usually, but this is correct. Richie Neal, who stopped legislation to ban surprise billing (where you go to a hospital in network, and they give you a doctor who takes no insurance), has to go. Oh wait, the election was yestertoday, well maybe we know by now if you did it! — Jordan Weissmann at Slate

Former Los Angeles sheriff's deputy, now in hiding, testifies: "There are parties after shootings. They call them '998 parties.' Some people say it's to celebrate the deputy is alive. Others say it's to celebrate that they're going to be 'inking' somebody." (Spectrum News 1)

Mmmm, good questions?

Deep breath. Former Milwaukee sheriff David Clark tells listeners how to shoot a protester and get away with it. — Media Matters

And deep breath again: "Patriot Prayer has been linked to murders and other violent attacks. The New York Times described it as promoting 'Christianity and smaller government.'" (Media Matters)

So who's the DOJ investigating? Black Lives Matter. — USA Today


Vanity Fair

Just FYI, they're fucking the Census even harder. Now they're shutting it down (in cities) two weeks earlier than their month-early close. (NPR)

Jason Miller was getting $20,000 a month for "radio and podcasts" from Steve Bannon's WALL FOR NOT PROFIT LOL WE SWEAR. While ditching his extramarital child support ALLEGEDLY. Oh and at the time he was working for Trump's reelect but NOT getting paid by it? Same, to be honest. (Salon)

"Liberty" "University" is investigating Jerry Falwell Jr.'s dirty dirty ALLEGEDLY $. (It's so dirty.) — Queerty

Why people believe in genuinely fake news. — Rebecca Coffey at Dame

Like this! Brian Kilmeade saying you can't blame Trump for violence because nobody blamed Obama. o.O (Crooks and Liars)

The red panda thinks it's people!

The veteran who runs the only grocery store for the 15,000 people who live in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward. (Food and Wine)

Fine we'll give you the title tab JUST THIS ONCE: How QAnon Is Backing a Conspiracy Theorist's Bizarre Claim to the Throne of England. Hint, it has to do with the Rothschilds, like, what doesn't! (Logically)

Food and Wine says it's time for fall cocktails now, so this Sunday's sangria will be rose with cranberries and apples and anise and red pepper. Remember to start it the day before, apparently, which might be some bullshit so maybe that won't be this Sunday's sangria. — Food and Wine

Wait what?

Enter Harvest Hosts, a membership-based network that allows users to stray away from the usual RV parks, and instead stay for free at over 1,200 wineries, breweries, farms, and other attractions across North America, Matador Network reports. Each host site has its appeal, but some of the more unique options include an aviation museum, a wildlife rescue facility, a moonshine distillery, an alligator ranch, and a maple sugar farm.

Oh we are IN, Travel and Leisure. We are IN. That may soon top my previous list of where I like to stay: 1) National parks; 2) state or county parks; 3) a Wonker's driveway; 4) a pretty scoop on a river at the side of the road; 5) a Walmart parking lot; 6) an RV park.

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