20 Animals That Are Real And Dangerous! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 30, 2020

20 Animals That Are Real And Dangerous! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 30, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador. See the archive at https://giphy.com/channel/antiderpomeme

Well that was unbelievably horrifying. We'll let James Fallows speak for us, for the moment: "A disgusting night for democracy." (The Atlantic)

Since the GOP wouldn't shut up about Biden probably taking Limitless drugs and also having an appearance, a reminder: The 2004 Bush Bulge in his debate with John Kerry was absolutely fucking true. — Salon

A very good rundown on 10 takeaways from Trump's tax returns, by A Expert. He in trouuuuuuble. (Just Security)

Say, what's up with Trump's Scottish golf courses? Scotland would like to know. — The Scotsman

Oh right, by the way? We still don't know who paid for Trump's SCOTUS noms. — Andrew Perez at Daily Poster

Spineless North Dakota governor is spineless. (Also, don't you just love the people who say they will never give the health department contact tracing info. Oh freedom.) (Daily Beast)

Midwesterners won't wear a fucking mask, because you can't tell them what to do. — Salon

Well of course the "#SaveOurChildren" guy abused his girlfriend's 10-month-old baby to death. You don't have to click if you don't want to. — KFOR

QAnon, Blood Libel, and the Satanic Panic.

A secret cabal of rabbis gathered yearly in Narbonne, [monk Thomas of] Monmouth said, presided over by the King of the Jews, and cast lots representing each country and city where Jews lived. Each year, the emerging lore had it, a child from one of those places was chosen to be sacrificed.

Talia Lavin at The New Republic

Williamson County, Texas, sheriff indicted for destroying evidence in Black man's death by Taser. But what about his qualified immuuuuuunity? (NPR)

Rep. Jamie Raskin released the unredacted FBI intel assessment about white supremacism within law enforcement, and what?

Some redactions do not seem to be justified, for instance, the FBI's conclusion that "white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement can result in other abuses of authority and passive tolerance of racism within communities served" — an apparent recognition of the potential harm to the public posed by white supremacist individuals embedded in police departments.

The Intercept

Oh, sad. Early surge of Democratic mail voting sparks worry inside GOP. — Washington Post

Pennsylvania superior court says the PLCAA — a law passed by Congress and signed by George W. Bush — barring lawsuits against gun manufacturers, is unconstitutional. That's some swell news! (Inquirer)

From the comments: Queen Mary's dollhouse! DELIGHT IN IT. DELIGHT I SAY! (Royal Collection Trust)

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