Tacky Diamond Trinket Junkie Callista Gingrich Spotted Lurking At Tiffany's


Bloated whiner Newt Gingrich is still campaigning for President despite being a prickly harping gasbag that nobody likes, in part because he maxed out a half-million dollar credit line at Tiffany's that he scoredthrough a bribery scheme to be able to buy the love of his high maintenance wife-bot. Even though this made him look like a grasping old sugar daddy fool who lives in contempt of ordinary struggling Americans, which he is, Newt has thankfully recovered from his media spanking none the wiser and is back to champagne-soaked shopping trips at Tiffany's with his creepy helmet-head wife, Callista.


Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich may have closed his revolving account at Tiffany’s, but that hasn't kept his wife away from the jewelry store. Reliable Source reports that Callista Gingrich was spotted at the Tiffany’s store in Tyson’s Corner on Sunday while her husband ordered a drink at a restaurant bar next door.

So there you have it, Callista, enjoy it while you can until you catch the next pig/bird/porcupine flu virus or whatever sends you to the hospital long enough for Newt to get hold of Bristol Palin's cell phone number. [Politico via Alex Pareene's Twitter]


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