Tainted Death Toys Sold Online, of All Places

these things have rape written all over themHey, parents! Christmas, Hanukkah and the African thing are all rapidly approaching, and you probably missed out on the Chinese roofies that retail experts had been calling the "Power Ranger dolls of 2007." But don't worry, because like most Chinese-made destructobots, you can now find all of our overlords' toys (and maybe FINALLY that Tickle Me Elmo shit after years of searching) on these very Interwebs.

If a new Injury Prevention Study is to be believed, "190 online auctions contained, or were suspected to contain, a recalled children's item," sold from around the world. But don't blame eBay! It has a strict ban on reselling recalled items. Well, it doesn't enforce this per se, but you know... who's counting?:

EBay, the Internet's largest auction site, has a policy where reselling recalled items "is strictly prohibited." But, it told ABC News it is too difficult to create a database to block all such sales.

Instead, eBay links people to federal recall information.

And just how is a link supposed to help? Will a link suck the poison out of a wound from banana-withdrawn Curious George?

Recalled Toys Resold Online [ABC News]


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