Taiwanese Political Animators Finally Get Perfect Subject: David Wu


For a brief moment of Internet Time, everybody on the Internetloved the NMA wacky Taiwanese animated YouTube versions of the latest U.S. political scandals. And then, like everything, these videos (and the whole concept) got old. In desperation, NMA began featuring an alive hot Hipster Asian Girl to do introductions for the cartoons, and then it just felt forced and lame, like one of those gals in a "sexy goth cheerleader costume" trying to sell you grunge jello shots or whatever, at the sports bar. But, in the short and tawdry career of the first Taiwanese American to (briefly) serve in the U.S. Congress, NMA's intentionally bad video animators finally got the story they always wanted.

Goodbye, David Wu! Thanks for giving these video nerds a farewell present:


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