Take a Tour of Beautiful Wasilla, Alaska!

Welcome to Wasilla, home of Famous Alaskan Vice President Sarah Palin. It's just a sad gravel pit in the otherwise beautiful Matanuska-Susitna Valley -- a place where unemployed, pregnant teens get wasted on Matanuska Thunderfuck and dragged by their single moms to fundamentalist mall churches, and then they all cook up some bathtub meth to pay the monthly tattoo bills. Join our Alaska correspondent Bill Scannell for a photo tour of America's favorite new hometown.

The "Mistake by the Lake" is a 45-minute drive by car and 47 years by time machine from Anchorage. The major geographical features are gravel pits.

Gravel People love a blue plastic tarp, otherwise known as a "Valley Garage."

Wasilla's war on motherhood continues.

A whopping 142.8% of all Wasilla residents are on welfare. In the long last hours before Government Handout Day, lines of Gravel People form outside the local pawn shops, where they trade guns and truck tires for a few dollars to spend on ....

Booze. (Go Palin!)

Here's the famous Wasilla library, housed in a former pizza shop with big ovens for book burnin'.

College: Not just for smart people!


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