Take Bill O'Reilly's Heathen 'Holiday' Quiz About Afrikans!

Take Bill O'Reilly's Heathen 'Holiday' Quiz About Afrikans!

HATS OFF to esteemed thingParade for this sexy clip art collage of a mall Santa preparing to bone claymation Rudolph who is stepping on Bill O'Reilly as black people do their black African holiday whatevers in the background. The Jew Cookies see it all. This masterpiece, folks, accompanies "Bill O'Reilly's Great American Holiday Quiz," because suddenly you're NOT ALLOWED to say "Merry Christmas" anymore, in America, because of the Prop 8 protesters.

There are 36 questions total, about 30 of which pertain to the actual American holiday, Christmas, and those are the hardest ones -- all about the history of copywriting and patents and the ACLU, etc etc. The perfunctory Kwanzaa questions, however, are pretty simple; "What color are black people?" and so forth. You could win Bill O'Reilly's book!



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