Take My Wife, Please


Egyptian Sesame Street character Khokha talks to a friendly puppet! Just kidding, Mrs. Bush, but we know you can take it. In fact, the AP reports that the president's wife was greeted by "hecklers" throughout her tour of Mideast holy sites, including one man who shouted, "How dare you come in here! Why your husband kill Muslim?" But the unflappable Mrs. Bush took such critiques, and the "very angry crowd" in stride, saying, "I think the protests were very expected." Of course, had the First Comedienne had her joke-writer with her, things would have been a little different. Then she would have said, "Hey, listen, mister, do I come to your job and knock home-made explosives off your chest when you're trying to work?"

Laura Bush photo [Reuters]

Protesters Heckle Laura Bush in Jerusalem [AP]

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Talk to the Hand [Catch.com]

CNN Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer [CNN]


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