Take Us Out to the Ball Game: Cheney Pitches, Wonkette Catches

Yesterday we reported on the Nationals' home opener, where Dick Cheney showed up to throw out the first pitch -- and got roundly booed.

We weren't there to see it, chained as we are to our laptops. Gawker Media is a cruel mistress -- at least Jill Carroll got bathroom breaks. But Intern Nick was at the game, and he took a few photos, which we now present as an update to our prior coverage.

Here is Nick's personal favorite, "of a 'Washington-type-A' on his effin Treo during the game":


Our first instinct is to mock this guy for Treoing during a baseball game. But then again, it wasn't much of a game. The subhed for the Post write-up says it all: "Offense Listless, Crowd Lethargic, Defeat Sluggish: Mets 7, Nationals 1."

(Also, the Original Wonkette is hopelessly addicted to her Treo. And if we were cool enough to have them, we might be too.)

Additonal photos from yesterday's game appear after the jump.


There were snipers on the roof, where they were safe from Dick Cheney.


This is a big-ass American flag. It makes Michelle Malkin very happy.


No, we are not making up a snarky caption for a picture of two cute kids. We do have some standards around here.

One final note. As we mentioned in an update to our original post, that was not the real pool report we were quoting from. The actual pool report, which a real live journalist subsequently sent to us, was far more boring. Here's the most interesting paragraph:

The scene was more formal in the Nationals clubhouse. Players politely applauded when Cheney entered the room. Team General Manager Jim Bowden and Manager Frank Robinson greeted the vice president at the door. Robinson escorted Cheney around the room and introduced him to each player. All the players were fully dressed and standing as Cheney made his way through the room.

Thanks, guys. We're glad that Dick Cheney was not exposed to a bunch of naked ball players (and so were they).

Nationals Lack Luster [WP]

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