Tales In New York-ification: U Street Has a New Beer Dispenser

Tales In New York-ification: U Street Has a New Beer Dispenser

Oh hey there, kids. Your Wonkabout disappeared for about a month or so to go to Thailand, but she's now back at Wonkette Headquarters. What important developments happened in D.C. during her absence? H Street's white people transporter was discontinued, the Washington Post proudly proclaimed that the "New York-ification" of the District is just beginning (!), and pork can now be consumed with even more ease at a shiny new bar on U Street.

Considering that we're in a new Era of Civility, perhaps we can all agree to never use the words "New York-ification" to describe new developments in the D.C. food scene? No matter how many small-plates restaurants with monosyllabic names or what not open in D.C., New York will never care, nor will such restaurants make D.C. into New York -- not that it even should be. The lessons of Arizona are many.

Now, we used to lament the opening of new bars in D.C., because every time a bar did open it was a lounge-y room with over-priced drinks, house music and not-so-subtle references to the government industry. But this new wave of gentrification is bringing in a whole new set of exactly the same bars: bars that have obscure names with working-class undertones, amber lighting, an eclectic section of beers, and, of course, pig meat. See Dodge City, Smith Commons, and, now, American Ice Company.

Your resident Jewish expert in all things pork can report that the pork at American Ice Company is tasty. It's fatty and juicy and comes smothered in a delicious sauce. But, be warned: The food is served on paper plates and must be eaten with plastic utensils. For shame! This may be the only offense worse than being Conservative and owning a bar in our liberal oasis.

Fun fact #1: Drinking beer out of a Mason Jar, which is how draft beer is served at American Ice Company, is no easier or more life-affirming than drinking beer out of a regular glass.

Fun fact #2: Even if you call PBR "Pabst" and call cans "metal," it's still PBR and it's still beer from a can.

American Ice Company may not have 500 beers on draft or taps on the tables, but so long as we can drink and eat there unaware of the owner's and barkeeps' true feelings towards the Mexicans, it’s a worthy addition to the 2011 to-do list.

American Ice Company, 917 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 758-3562.

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