Tampa Totally Going To Cancel Republican Convention Just Because Of Tiny Little Act Of God

Tampa Totally Going To Cancel Republican Convention Just Because Of Tiny Little Act Of God

Hi what's this, that maybe-hurricane from yesterday is now probably an absolutely hurricane, which will hit Tampa Monday morning, and the city, which is run by total pussy Dems (see above), may cancel the Republican Convention! Stop laughing at the Republicans getting hit with two conventiocanes in a row, and start worrying about your Editrix, who is supposed to fly into Tampa at just exactly the same time Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to transform into a Category 1 hurricane and bomb the convention center to smithereens! Your Editrix is from California. SHE DOES NOT LIKE HURRICANES, she only likes fires and earthquakes! Oh, just treat it like a water earthquake, some brain surgeon who shall remain nameless assures us. That does not sound right!

Emergency plans are in place to shorten or cancel the convention if a hurricane appears to be bearing down on Tampa, city and convention officials said.

But officials declined to divulge the details of those plans and say they expect the convention will go on as scheduled.

"We're in full RNC mode and focused on putting a great show for the convention," Mayor Bob Buckhorn said. "We are not anticipating having to make the decision" of canceling the GOP convention. [...]

The main site of the convention is the Forum, which sits in the county's evacuation Zone B. That designation means an evacuation will be issued if winds reach 96 to 110 mph and tides swell to a height of 15 feet.

Next door is the Tampa Convention Center, which will house the GOP's committee on arrangements and the media. The building is in Zone A, which could be evacuated when winds reach 74 to 95 mph and tides crest up to eight feet. [...]

State emergency officials conducted a mock drill in March. That scenario had a Category 3 hurricane making landfall in Tarpon Springs on the second day of the convention. The simulation showed massive storm surges crashing into Tampa, putting parts of the city under 20 feet of water.

During the drill, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll said if this scenario was real, downtown Tampa would be evacuated and the convention canceled.

So we just pack an umbrella, and we should be fine, right?

Fucking Republicans.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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