Tancredo Loves Guns

Real America - WonketteSomeone emailed us a link to this entry at the official Tancredo blog about Tom's visit to the Des Moines gun show, presumably so that we could do a funny little post with a goofy picture of him handling firearms and scare our pussy liberal readers. But we got distracted.

This morning, The Tanc checked out the Des Moines Gun Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Tancredo, of course, is a huge supporter of 2nd amendment rights and owns weapons himself. He's an excellent marksman. By the way, we're going to schedule an event where people can go shooting with the Tanc. If you're interested, let me know.

Jesus christ they call him "The Tanc." We're going back to bed.

Des Moines Gun Show [Team Tancredo]


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