mccain secretly arrives at woodstockWe didn't cover the looooooong John McCain profile in November's GQ precisely because it was long. Eleven Internet pages of Walnuts! Pass. Fortunately a tipster found a funny excerpt involving Tom Tancredo and some nachos and copy-pasted it to us.

Back in June -- GQ's Robert Draper spent a year with McCain, so we wish him all the best at rehab -- McCain was eating at a New Hampshire diner when a rival (in losingness?) played a little joke about McCain's support for amnesty-ing the taco taco Mexicans:

Midway through lunch, the diner's owner appeared, bearing a platter of gooey matter. "Your rival sent over some nachos!" he announced.

[McCain aide Mark] Salter was the first to make the calculation: Tom Tancredo, the immigration demagogue from Colorado, was somewhere in the diner. "Get the joke?" Salter said to McCain.

The senator stared momentarily at the platter and said, "Ha ha. I hope he didn't spend all his campaign war chest on it."

And a hardy har har to you, Tom Tancredo. Nachos! The people of South Park, Colorado sure appreciate your racism:

[youtube expand=1]

The Unmaking of a President [GQ]


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