Tancredo Throws Bowl of Nachos at McCain

mccain secretly arrives at woodstockWe didn't cover the looooooong John McCain profile in November's GQ precisely because it was long. Eleven Internet pages of Walnuts! Pass. Fortunately a tipster found a funny excerpt involving Tom Tancredo and some nachos and copy-pasted it to us.

Back in June -- GQ's Robert Draper spent a year with McCain, so we wish him all the best at rehab -- McCain was eating at a New Hampshire diner when a rival (in losingness?) played a little joke about McCain's support for amnesty-ing the taco taco Mexicans:

Midway through lunch, the diner's owner appeared, bearing a platter of gooey matter. "Your rival sent over some nachos!" he announced.

[McCain aide Mark] Salter was the first to make the calculation: Tom Tancredo, the immigration demagogue from Colorado, was somewhere in the diner. "Get the joke?" Salter said to McCain.

The senator stared momentarily at the platter and said, "Ha ha. I hope he didn't spend all his campaign war chest on it."

And a hardy har har to you, Tom Tancredo. Nachos! The people of South Park, Colorado sure appreciate your racism:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/uORAyORWRAA&rel=1 expand=1]

The Unmaking of a President [GQ]


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