Tanker Hijacked, D.C. Could Be Blown Up

Here's something to make you feel a little less comfortable about your life and the chances of it continuing beyond today: Some lunatic in Baltimore hijacked a tanker truck carrying 7,100 gallons of diesel. The truck is a bright-red Peterbilt carrying a metal tanker -- both have "Baltimore Tank Lines" painted on the sides.

And check out the culprit, described as "a man in a blue jumpsuit who had been hiding in the sleeper portion of the cab." WTF? So the driver was filling up the tank and then returned to the cab and then this blue-jumpsuited freak hops out with a semi-automatic pistol. The hijacked death bomb was last seen headed to I-95. Duck, everybody!

Police Search For Hijacked Tanker Truck [WBAL 11]


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