Tanning Salon Tax Is Yet Another Example of 'Reverse Racism' In Obama's America

Tanning Salon Tax Is Yet Another Example of 'Reverse Racism' In Obama's America

Part of the MaoBama Obamacare Pelosicare SOCIALISM SOCIALISM SOCIALISM Plan was a 10 percent surcharge on the use of tanning beds. Smart conservatives are now beginning to figure out that this isyet another example of Obama's "reverse racism," which is racism against white people, as it's impossible to be regular racist against white people because they are so awesome. The only people who go to tanning salons, you see, are white people. Our president, who is privileged with beautiful brown skin, has oppressed the poor underprivileged pale people of our nation, who only want to get skin cancer and look like they work in the fields all day.

"I now know the pain of racism," said some guy filling in for Glenn Beck on the radio. Obviously that guy is not good enough to be a real conservative radio host. Real conservative radio hosts have felt it many times from Obama. GROW YOURSELF AN IMAGINATION, GUY.

The case can seem deceptively simple: Since patrons of tanning salons are almost exclusively white, the tax will be almost entirely paid by white people and, therefore, violates their constitutional right to equal protection under the law.

But does the argument have any merit? Not remotely said Randall Kennedy, a professor at Harvard Law School specializing in racial conflict and law.

"There is no constitutional problem at all, because a plaintiff would have to show that the government intended to disadvantage a particular group, not simply that the group is disadvantaged in effect," he said.

I'm sure this Harvard man will have a good example of this happening to other races.

For example, laws that impose higher penalties for possession or trafficking of crack cocaine as opposed to powder cocaine resulted in far harsher sentences for African Americans compared to whites.

Oh, crack cocaine. Yes, that is a good example, sir. Now we see. White people tan, black people smoke crack. We get it. And black people get harsher sentences for crack because they pay less tanning salon tax. So everything evens out!

Everything is terrible. [WP]


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