Tasing Violence At Occupy DC Gets CNN's Erick Erickson Hot And Bothered


Pepper spray is OVER, folks. Hope you enjoyed all the funny stuff the unemployed section of Internet users put together about the cop from Angry Birds spraying everything, 'cause in 2012, vicious crack downs on Occupy protesters are going to be all about tasering: hard, cold, fast, and indiscriminate. Which means....exciting new opportunities are opening up for third-rate human impersonators like Erick Erickson to interrupt the erectile dysfunction ads on their AM radio shows so as to fatly chortle that "watching a hippie protester get tased [at Occupy DC] just makes my day."

Savvy taser-promoters will make sure to follow Erickson's example and direct listeners to some fetid corner of the Internet to enjoy the "hilarious" tasing footage that is "just made of awesome." And who knows? If you're loathsome enough, and lucky enough, maybe you, too, can get paid to loud-talk on CNN, just like Erick Erickson! [HuffPo/Media Matters]


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