'Ask me about white people!' - WonketteHave you heard about the presidential candidate debates? There have been more than a hundred debates so far, with hundreds more to come. One such debate will be held at the "historically black college in Baltimore." It is for the Republicans, but front-runners Mitt and Rudy and Walnuts were all "No thanks, black people," and now Hollywood Fred Thompson has shown his conservative "bona fides" by also refusing to speak to the black people.

"We are delighted the other five are coming and appreciate their courage for showing up," Smiley told the Huffington Post. He added cryptically, "The beat goes on."

Who are these "other five" candidates running for the GOP nominee? Are there really still five of these people who aren't Mitt or Rudy or Walnuts or Hollywood Fred? And how is showing up at a debate to promote yourself showing "courage"? Will the loser be killed?

Anyway, don't miss the exciting debate to be aired whenever it happens on the new Fox News For Blacks channel, which doesn't exist.

Thompson Refuses To Debate At Historically Black College [HuffPo]


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