Tax-Cut Thing Passes Senate, Moves On To China For Approval

Tax-Cut Thing Passes Senate, Moves On To China For Approval

After much talking, balking, and sulking, the Obama-Republican tax-cut package haspassed Senate cloture by a vote of 69 to 10. So it looks like everything in the next two years will be passed by a refreshing, broad consensus, and all it takes is Democrats pretty much giving up all their ground on each issue. It is truly a new era, all thanks to Republicans whining until they got what they wanted and many buckets full of tears shed by John Boehner in the process. Since this is passing the Senate, the Western world's most retarded legislature, it will certainly be passed by the House and president, who are more reasonable. And then the legislation will be sent to China for approval or denial of the hundreds of billions of dollars in relatively non-stimulative tax cuts this thing is costing the government. We should send a bucket of fried chicken with it! The Chinese love KFC!

This package is called the "Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010." That's a cute thing to call the estate tax.

But we should probably turn off the sarcasm. If more Democrats voted for this than Republicans, it's probably a very favorable bill for Democrats, right?

Will you get a fortune cookie with your tax forms next year? After all, those things are mildly sweet, come with slips of patronizing, dubiously upbeat messages, and don't really seem worth it in the end. Seems pretty apt. [NYT]


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