Tea Party Caucus Has Taken $1 Billion In Earmarks This Congress


VULTURE EYES!The 52 members of Congress who sensed the strong, scooter-hitched pull of the Teabaggers enough to feel like they had to join Michele Bachmann's dumb Teabagger Caucus have actually requested $1,049,783,150 in earmarks during the current Congress, according to Chuck Todd's abandoned children. Yes, this is amusing because Teabaggers are supposed to hate earmarks and government spending. It turns out Bachmann herself has not attempted to earmark any funds at all in the past couple years, according to these figures, despite her penchant for inconsistency; she is probably in the process of cutting up the 36 members of her caucus who did and placing the them under the floorboard of her office.

Bachmann's office did not respond to emails or phone calls seeking comment.

To be fair, she couldn't hear the phone or e-mail dinging over the screams she heard in her head. When the Capitol police come knocking at her door, she will offer them some tea. One of these days, earmarks will be GONE FOREVER and the federal budget deficit reduced by whatever miniscule amount is caused by them. [Hotline]


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