Tea Party Sportsman Tired of Nigras Calling Him Racist


Uhh .... Hoppy Easter Night, everybody! Here's a little video we just received. (From five months ago? It's new to us!) It's your standard Tea Party YouTube thing, we suppose. Just some common-sense plain talk about the problems we face in this country because of the Nigra and the Hispanic and especially the Muslim. Lots of facts to learn for you liberals, if you're even capable of learning facts at this point.

We have seen a lot of rotten shit in our 15 years of "political satire blogging" or whatever it's called, journalism, sit-down comedy, word terrorism. But this is one of those things that actually had us hoping it was parody. Because we don't really want to believe there are people who not only think like this, but would stand there proudly spouting this stuff and then put it on YouTube for the whole world to watch, in despair.

Maybe you need a lysergic acid breath mint after all that? Perhaps a cyanide breath mint? Here's Glenn Beck and Pink Floyd performing their stadium-rock opera in its entirety, Jesus Christ What Are These Space Robots Doing In My Head Again.

Thanks (???) to Wonkette operatives KenLayIsAlive and "Donovan G." and Mumbly_Joe for this terrible bounty. And when you're done with this awful stuff, rush right over here and listen to reading Allen Ginsberg Kaddish and other poems, in 1959. The first warblogger, Allen was.


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