Teabag Spawn Forced To Stand On CGI Mt. Rushmore, Sing About America


"I'm just a kid..." Okay! So stop! You will be an adult some day, but this will be on the Internet forever! "Available on iTunes." Oh God.

Kory shore is a singer, songwriter and gifted musician with the talent and charisma to rival that of child performers Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

But do those other children sing about birth certificates and redistributive tax policies?!?!?!

This kid in 50 years:

(If he's not riddled with new orifices and stuffed behind a K Street dumpster in approximately a week, that is.)

The best part of this video, obviously, is when the kid's stroke-addled old sex offender mentor raps about freedom in the "Fat Usher section." [Videogum via Gawker]


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