Teabagger Style Sweeps America, Obama Makes Gays Happy & NASA Sad

Teabagger Style Sweeps America, Obama Makes Gays Happy & NASA Sad

  • Teabagger/National High Five Day may be over, but the filth and the fury will live in our hearts at least through this morning. One collateral victim of the Crazy Crowd: Teevee heartthrob Sean Hannity, who planned to perform his variety show as the headline act at some Cincinnati Teabag Event, until Fox News bosses realized the Tea Party company was charging $20 per ticket for Hannity's dumb show, which people watch for free, maybe, on Fox News! Sean Hannity gets Weekend Detention. [LA Times]
  • Capitalist weirdo Barack Obama wants private industry to take Human Space Exploration away from the bloated federal government program that hasn't done anything impressive in forty years. Why is Obama ignoring the wishes of Republican congressmen in Florida and Texas who want to keep space welfare? [New York Times]
  • But has Barack Obama done anything for America's Gay Majority that elected him? Yes, finally: Gay people will now be able to visit their partners in the hospital, because this is something they were previously not allowed to do, in America: visit their sick and dying partners in the hospital. [Washington Post]
  • A million people have been left homeless by the cyclone that killed more than a hundred in Bangladesh and southeastern India. And this is your Horrible Natural Disaster of the morning. [Malaysia Times]
  • Photos from around this great country courtesy of Wonkette operatives "Bristol," "Josh" and "Nathan S."


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