Teabaggers Are Just 2% of American Population

Teabaggers Are Just 2% of American Population

America's most exciting political movement (according to newspapers that are all going out of business) is the Tea Party! Never before has this nation seen such "energy" (fat white people in lawn chairs) or "passion" (racist, misspelled signs). From snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin to chocolate-sucking giant-baby serial-divorcer has-been Newt Gingrich, it seems all the Republican fringe figures who can't actually stay in office want a piece of the Teabagger Phenomenon. Well, there are not that many pieces to go around. Do not mistake the obesity of a particular teabagger forlots of individual teabaggers.

A shocking new obvious Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Teabaggers make up "about 2 percent of the total population." But they are "supported" by 27% of voters! So that's enough to at least, uh, split the Republican vote.

Some 14 percent of Americans say the tea party is most in sync with their values, nearly matching the 15 percentage-point drop-off for the GOP over the past five months.

Meanwhile, just as many voters identify with Democrats today as in November 2008. [Washington Post]


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