Teabaggers Forced To Pretend They Like the Whole Constitution Today

Teabaggers Forced To Pretend They Like the Whole Constitution Today

For Teabaggers, it seems, the older the law, the better. Everything we need is in the Constitution, because it was writtenat the beginning. Even though back then, people had no idea what America was going to look like or, really, what it should be. And even though the beloved founders failed miserably at their first attempt at a constitution, the Articles of Confederation. Why aren't the Teabaggers reading that document instead? Don't they know the Constitution was actually an illegal intrusion by a bunch of elites that violated the beautiful Articles, the ORIGINAL Constitution of our land? Also, Teabaggers, you will remember, actually don't like a lot of the Constitution they are supposed to adore so much. Which Teabagger is going to be forced to read the Fourteenth Amendment today? What about the Seventeenth? Whoever does should be shot immediately, because those parts are BAD.

From Wikipedia:

Although the states' representatives to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were only authorized to amend the Articles, the representatives held secret, closed-door sessions and wrote a new constitution. The new Constitution gave much more power to the central government

In other words, a bunch of government elites who thought they knew what was best for the changing country came in and TRAMPLED ON our dear constitution, the Articles of Confederation. Why won't the Teabaggers stand up for this poor constitution? A group of people we call the founders was actually illegally violating the TRUE FOUNDERS with this new, SOCIALIST "central government" intrusion. They should have been shot.

Why does Scalia always say originalism is about the Constitution? It should be about the Articles of Confederation. By holding the Constitution in the highest esteem, he's actually supporting an evolution of the law and an admission that old legal constructs did not suit a changed nation. He should be shot.

But never mind all this, because these guys don't even like the current Constitution they jerk off to. Once Teabaggers climax, they start to talk about how it has flaws. Like how the Fourteenth Amendment lets ANCHOR BABIES do terrorism to citrus crops. And the Seventeenth Amendment lets citizens elect U.S. senators the Teabaggers don't like very much.

Today, the people reading the Constitution are skipping over the parts that progress has seen fit to change. Because a lot of the Constitution is embarrassing, even to them. Because, as much as some people hate the idea of reality not being the same as it once was, things change.


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