Teabaggers Embrace Silly Bandz Terrorism


  • Gay Republicans are SO BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS for openly acknowledging the fact that gays can ONLY breed society-destroying criminals and welfare queens. [Gay Patriot]

  • Silly-Bandz whore Justin Bieber played a domestic terrorist on one of those CSI shows. Why does TV want to poison our impressionable tweens against patriotic terrorism? [Breitbart]
  • No one trusts the media because of people like us, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! [RedState]

  • One of David Horowitz's self-important slave bloggers got into a catty fight in the comments section of a blog, DRUDGE SIRENS. [NewsRealBlog]

  • Yahweh loves Christine O'Donnell SO MUCH he will descend from heaven and anoint her queen of America, personally. [DailyKos]


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