Teabaggers Literally Shout At Mexico Through Border Fence

Teabaggers Literally Shout At Mexico Through Border Fence

President Barry Obamezclaims that he's trying to secure our border, but our tea-bagging heroes know otherwise. Sure, he's all "stricter workplace enforcement" this and "fine, I'll send more National Guard troops down" that, and blah blah blah, but has come up with any really innovative border-sealing ideas? Like, say, sending someone down to the border to tell the Mexicans, loudly and firmly, that they aren't wanted? Do the teabaggers have to do all your work for you, Mr. President?

Here is a list of things that were actually done and said at the big Tea Party rally that took place in the midst of the blighted desert south of Tucson yesterday:

  • "'Instead of finding bugs in our beds, we're finding home invaders,' said Tony Venuti, a Tucson radio host who attached a huge sign to the fence that told immigrants to head to Los Angeles, where they will be more welcome, and even offered directions for getting there." What language was this sign in, we wonder? English, the language of America, or Spanish, the language of the Mexico-insects? If the latter, who did Venuti find to do his translation for him? Did he inspect this individual's papers thoroughly?
  • "'If I had all the national TV here, I’d probably climb the fence to show you how easy it is,' Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio said from the rally’s stage." Joe Arpaio doesn't get all sweaty from fence-climbin' for print media or local TV. Remember this.
  • "Sheriff Larry A. Dever of Cochise County ... said he had no doubt that migrants and drug smugglers were using lookouts to keep track of the rally. 'They know this rally is going on,' he said. 'They are not fools. They’re experts. They probably know more about this than we do standing here.'" When will Sheriff Dever apologize for claiming that Mexico-insects are more knowledgable than real Americans?
  • "Cindy Kolb, a border activist who lives nearby, yelled out through the thick metal slates in the border fence, which had been decorated on the American side with tiny flags, 'Hey, don’t come over here anymore.'" PROBLEM: SOLVED.

Does anyone else think it's weird that the people who have been complaining about the danged fence and how it needs building went to a part of the border where the danged fence already exists? We'd say that they were too scared to go anyplace where there wasn't a wall of metal between them and the Mexi-bugs, but obviously anyone who dares to shout things at at a whole country full of Mexicans isn't afraid of anything. [NYT]


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