Teabaggers Really Don't Care For Jews


Brave Wonkette operative Matt Singerman is -- and we say this with complete accuracy -- just cold taking pictures of a handful of ill-informed dingbats wandering around in the freezing rain with their droopy signs about ... well, take your pick, really. Remember when libtards were the ones who held the goofball million-cause marches? Well, now it's the wingnuts' turn, and they sure bring a new flavor to the proceedings. Mmm, tastes like racism!

Umm. What's going on here, exactly? AH WE GET IT, libtards showed up and wore ... boat captain hats, and rental tuxes, because that's how the rich roll, right? This is a COUNTER PROTEST. And, as usual, not really funny, Billionaires 4 Bush, etc. Stop it.

No taxes, Nobama, Kill Socialists ... shut down Gitmo? Oh, right, these guys just walk around Washington every day. Come on, liberals, let the teabaggers have their moment in the sun freezing fucking rain.

Wait, what does this sign even mean? Oh, right, nothing -- it means nothing at all. That's more like it! Happy teabagging day, teabaggers!


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