Teabaggers Still E-Mailing Us, Telling Us Not To Drink Anti-Baby 'Flouride'


We do it for teh giggling pointz.Your afternoon editor's inbox has been an absolute delight after some Teabagger blog told its faithful to e-mail him their distaste at the "snatching" of "baby's." Out of the 15 or so e-mails he's received from Teabaggers, only one was written in correct English with anything resembling an argument, so Teabaggers are certainly hard at work here on the Internet smashing the stereotypes about them. So what is the "world champion" of these e-mails since the last time we posted some? One that comes from "Daniel J.," who alerts your afternoon editor that he is "FLITH" and is a "flouride drinking" "brain deed zombie."

From: pon[redacted]@sbcglobal.net

Date: Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 8:04 PM


To: jack@wonkette.com

You a scumbag a piece of shit making fun of a poor grieving mother having her baby taken by thew criminal CPS who have quotas on a monthly basis, you are not a journalist you are a media whore and THE DYING yes the DYING CORPORATE media scumbag and your readers are as informed as you are which equals to nothing you call us TEABGGERS what are you a SHEEP flouride drinking GMO crop( u know whay that is did't think so) eating brain deed zombie HOW CAN U BE A MAN AND A LIBERAL you cant because your a fucking pussy STAND UP FOR UR COUNTRY you yellow belly coward your SAVIOR OBAMA( Barry Seotoro) is a corporate puppet like you are WE TAKING THIS COUNTRY BACK FROM U GIGGLING SISSY SCARED MEN AND OLD BITTER WOMEN the founders would turn in their graves go get your giggling points from Jon Stewart and attend a “Rally to Restore Sanity” to mock the teabaggers. Ridicule is so much more fun than taking to the streets and voicing their outrage at bankers

foreclosing on people’s homes while their executives reep million dollar bonuses. Snickering at stupid costumes teabaggers wear is so much more constructive than demanding an end to these unnecessary wars.

PS: YOU ARE FLITH and dont even deserve to have sr attached to your name.

What can we say? This man hits all his crazy-person talking points in one sentence. Good work, sir. But what is this mysterious "sr" you say is attached to your Jack Stuef's name? Is that some kind of Jew/Nazi title?

Speaking of:

From: donna[redacted]@yahoo.com

Date: Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Subject: Question please..

To: jack@wonkette.com

Are you Jewish?



Yes, you want to be careful about that! What if you accidentally criticized one of the God's special people? You need to be nice to those folks so you can be beamed up by Jesus when their special country is destroyed.


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