Teabaggers To Chase Orrin Hatch Out Of Senate Next Week, For His Liberalism

Teabaggers To Chase Orrin Hatch Out Of Senate Next Week, For His Liberalism

Don't be surprised to see a statement next week from six-term Utah Senator Orrin Hatch that he is leaving office "to spend more time with [his]undersea Holocaust-victim baptizing chamber." DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE, as Orrin's favorite old-timey band used to say!!! Hatch is likely to be effectively drummed out of office in the state's labyrinthine Republican nomination process, beginning with the March 15th caucuses, which teabaggers are planning to flood like a truck-stop toilet, because they want a more overtly insane senator to avoid doing the nation's business in Washington.

Over the past year, Hatch has been feeling his fiery conservative oats (which, is that even allowed, in Mormonism?), e.g., telling Obama to cut it with the "I'm Your Jesus Now" bullshit. And according to The Hill:

The senator has taken on an increasingly conservative tone, leading the charge in Congress on the Balanced Budget Amendment, a cause he’s long pursued. He’s lined up support from prominent conservatives including right-wing radio hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin as well as Mitt Romney, who remains immensely popular in the state. Hatch’s latest radio ad features extensive praise from Romney.

And who has more animal charisma and conservative bona fides than Mitt Romney?

Hatch's top-notch re-election strategy also got a swift boot in the grundle from the wiry and retiring Olympia Snowe:

[Hatch had] long warned that if he lost, centrist Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) would likely get the Finance Committee chairmanship, a point many in the state say had some traction with the politically savvy caucus-goers. But Snowe’s recent decision to retire has made that point moot.

Ugh. Can someone get to work constructing a Shadow Senate to keep these two soporifics out of real politics forever? [The Hill]


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