IMG_2295.jpgMichael Grass of the Washington Post's EXPRESS celebrates the launching of "Yeas and Nays" in the Washington Examiner.

Last night, we went to the WASPiest place we've ever been in our entire lives (the University Club) to celebrate the launch of the Washington Examiner's gossip column, "Yeas and Nays." It launched a month ago, yes, but we're still quite excited.

The club was bumpin', the wine was free, and the bloggers were in a corner talking only to each other. Our kinda shindig. After the jump, a few photos from a certain Girl Reporter who was actually supposed to be shooting for the Examiner.

IMG_2282.jpgPatrick Gavin, left, and Jeff Dufour, right. It's too bad we used the "Gays and Nays" joke a month ago.

Yeas and Nays is a column about "people, power, and politics." And Tucker Carlson. Who didn't show, despite a promise to columnist Patrick Gavin, who has a total crush on him.

Co-columnist Jeff Dufour made the first of many Mark Foley jokes (then Gavin claimed to have written it) and probably upset his girlfriend.

IMG_2295.jpgMichael Grass. Of the Express.

Michael Grass was listed at the door as being with his personal blog, and not, you know, the rival free daily paper. This poor guy -- first DCist, now this. If it keeps up, Grass will be blacklisted from every free media outlet in the District. Grass did want us to point out that yes, he was invited, and it was Gavin's idea to put his old blog down on the list. Also, don't geel too bad for him, 'cause he seemed to spend the whole night surrounding himself with various tawdryyoungwomen. Well, they were probably tawdry. It was hard to tell.

IMG_2319.jpgToday's youth! Enjoying life! Having good, clean, American fun!

The schwag, by the way, was inspired: Free wine (with a Yeas and Nays label, from the prestigious Yeas and Nays Vineyard) and a corkscrew. So you could start in on it in the cab home! Or in a park or something! We stole a couple Yeas and Nays coasters too.

IMG_2342.jpgGet yourself a Milano power table, and Patrick Gavin will do his pretending-to-listen pose for you, too.

After the party, we accidentally ended up at Cafe Milano with Tammy Haddad of Hardball and Judith Czelusniak of Bloomberg. We were halfway through the overpriced pizza before we realized we'd stumbled into a power table. General mocking and Kelly Ann Collins jokes will be grudgingly acknowledged. Terry McAulliffe was there too, though we have to admit that when Haddad shouted "Mr. Chairman!" we were a little disappointed it wasn't Sinatra.


Further cementing the Cafe Milano idea as bad one, two of the founders of Late Night Shots showed up. Feel free to buy them tonight.

That's it. Quite a night. We'll have to look into this "Examiner" thing.


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