Team Raffle Crash: Late Night Shots at Smith Point (Natch)

DSCN0464.jpgLittle boxes made of ticky-tacky, and they all look just the same.

Have you heard about Late Night Shots? It's kinda like Facebook for monied mid-20s frat hill staffer types and the blondes who follow them around. Last night, they held a date raffle at your favorite bar and ours, Smith Point. You too could take home Reed Landry for $5 bucks! Because we were drinking for free, we sent poor, abused Intern Nick to cover the proceedings. His photographs and exclusive report are after the jump.

DSCN0473.jpg"As long as I keep smiling, no one will notice how degrading this is!"

Team Wonkette proved our benevolent mettle last night, braving the rain to attend the "Late Night Shots" charity Date Raffle at Smith Point. The scene was at least as WASPy as Wednesday night's party, albeit in decidedly dingier environs and without free booze. Georgetown may be Georgetown, but the House Ethics Committee needs to look into $6 Yuenglings, because that's a crime.

DSCN0475.jpgWhatever, bro -- chick that's gettin' me is gettin' me, know what I'm sayin'?

We didn't expect much from the LNS crew, who seem content to play second fiddle in doucheiness to the Capital Club (this is DC you know, some striving wouldn't hurt). But the rustic third-grade motif of the sign was charming and we ponied up five bucks, at which point we were told we could put it in any of the boxes we wanted. "Any?" we asked, gesturing towards the ever-so-obvious "blue is for boys" boxes. To which we got, "I mean yeah, but I'd recommend the ladies." So plus one point for totally not-obvious homophobia, kudos, LNS.

DSCN0465.jpg"Yeah, but I'd recommend the ladies."

Everyone being raffled was wearing a "Hello, my name is: I'm being raffled" sticker, presumably so you could inspect the goods. Lindsay Wheeler was happy to oblige our request for a photo, and later we saw someone buy a crisp $100 bill's worth of tickets and stuff them all into her box. Er, her pink box. Her raffle drawing box.

DSCN0474.jpg"You get the rest in the morning, pretty boy."


The place kept filling up, and even though we were wearing our corduroy blazer and best "I'm richer than you are" grin, we could tell the natives knew we didn't belong. So we left, sadly before Mark Cuban got there, cause we heard he's a good time and lord knows we couldn't liven the place up by ourselves.


DSCN0481.jpg"Whatever, I don't need them. As long as I've got these moves and my pink shirt, I'm money."

DSCN0467.jpglol at poignancy

DSCN0476.jpg"The kewlest girls there, by far." -Intern Nick

Editor's Note: Some other attendee sent us the Cuban shots, and we've flogged Intern Nick for the lapse.


Quoth some other emailer:

Mark Cuban showed up to the latenightshots smith point date raffle last night and did the drawing. when he picked the name for kate gregg, some cute hill staffer chick, he announced his own name as a joke. not sure what he was doing there, but he seemed like a really nice guy and was buying everyone drinks.

2006-10-05%2C%20Fundraiser%20020.jpgLate Night Shots Date Raffle: Whoever wins, we lose.


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