Ted Cruz Aide Whinesplains At You Why Her Still Having Good Health Insurance Is Actually Bad


Because Senator Ted Cruz sucks all the oxygen out of any room he is in, it is easy to forget that he must employ a staff of people who are equally terrible. What kind of clueless, spackle-brained, addlepated, emotionally stunted, wingnut lickspittle crap weasels drink the Ted Cruz Kool-Aid? Let’s dicksplore.

Meet Amanda Carpenter, old Moose Jaw Ted’s speechwriter and senior communications advisor. Yesterday, as the House announced that its final offer in the shutdown showdown would include some version of the Vitter Amendment, Amanda took to Twitter for some good old-fashioned whinging about the coming Obamacarocalypse, in the process showing a remarkable misunderstanding of the original purpose of the Affordable Care Act and a misplaced sense of grievance over whom to blame for the fact that she, along with every other Hill staffer, will soon have to switch health plans.

It was followed quickly by these gems:

Okay, let us explain, and try to use small words so that Amanda will be sure to understand. The ACA’s original intent was not to help people like her who have access to quality health insurance plans and whose premiums are subsidized by their employer. If she wants to blame someone for the fact she’s being forced onto an exchange, blame Chuck Grassley, who wrote the amendment requiring the change in the original ACA as a political ploy.

We don't know how much more expensive your plan will be, but we know this: the House bill being floated on Tuesday by Republicans would have made whatever plan you choose cost as much as 3000% more, as Bob Cesca at The Daily Banter helpfully explains with his liberal math. What do you think of that, Amanda?

That is some world-class self-absorption right there, and some world-class Kool-Aid guzzling. Obamacare bad! Exchanges bad! Cause and effect bad! Republicans good!

We'll grant you one point: if Obamacare had never passed, then we guess your health care plan would not be changing. Of course, then people who are being helped by the law would still be screwed. Your Wonkette, for example, being a freelancer, would still be stuck with a super-expensive catastrophic-coverage-only plan that costs a couple of hundred a month, has a $5000 deductible, and does not cover even basic physicals. Our friend Todd, who has a disease that requires a liver transplant and who has been turned down for insurance thirteen times before, would not have been able to sign up on his fourteenth attempt. Our old high school friends who were paying $1400 a month to insure themselves and their four kids would not have seen that bill drop by $600 per month, and given them more comprehensive coverage to boot.

So bummer about the inconvenience of having to change your health plan (75% of which is subsidized by us taxpayers, by the way). Maybe you should not work for the people who are actually responsible for the change. You noodle on that for awhile while we sit in the corner and weep giant crocodile tears.

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