Ted Cruz Just Wondering Why Black People Insist On Celebrating Black People He Doesn’t Like

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South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott voted to acquit the twice-impeached thug Saturday. It was disappointing but not surprising. The only Black Republican in the Senate couldn't join his braver colleagues Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, and Patrick Toomey, who all broke ranks and voted to convict the insurrectionist-in-chief.

Sasse was just re-elected but he's 48 and likely has had presidential ambitions. Murkowski is up for reelection in 2022. Cassidy is from Louisiana, a state President Joe Biden lost by almost 20 points, and the Louisiana GOP has already censured him for his vote. The South Carolina GOP also censured Rep. Tom Rice, one of 10 House Republicans who voted for impeachment.

But Tim Scott enabled and protected the twice-impeached thug at every opportunity. He's an embarrassment, and only a complete fool would think Scott deserves a special shout out during Black History Month. Enter Ted Cruz, esteemed Black Person Expert.


Cruz has whined that an impeachment trial wasted senators' valuable time, but he's spending his evenings watching basketball and counting Black Republicans. He tweeted:

"Am watching the Rockets play tonight. For the second night in a row, here's how NBA/TNT honors Black History Month: picturing three Dem politicians. Tim Scott doesn't exist? (unlike Abrams, he's been elected statewide) Condi Rice? Clarence Thomas? Colin Powell? Obvious bias."

The little weasel is technically correct, which is usually the best kind of correct: Tim Scott both exists and is Black. However, he's never made a big deal about it unless it's benefitted some conservative evil scheme. He wouldn't even join the Congressional Black Caucus because he didn't want “to be viewed through the prism of race."

Conservatives claim they're big on meritocracy and loathe quotas, but Cruz thinks Tim Scott, the most distinguished Black leader in a room with only Tim Scott, deserves to share the stage with Barack Obama and Kamala Harris, the first Black president and first Black vice president. Scott is the first Black senator from his state, but so is Cory Booker and so was Harris herself, for that matter. I thought Republicans opposed “participation trophies."

Cruz apparently can't grasp why Black people might celebrate Stacey Abrams more than Scott. Why, she hasn't been elected statewide! Trust me, I don't think that comes up a lot at the beauty parlor. Abrams — like the late Rep. John Lewis, who also never won a statewide election — has devoted her life to removing barriers erected to keep Black people from voting. Scott voted to confirm Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Coretta Scott King denounced for having used his office to suppress minority voting rights. He didn't even object when Republicans posthumously silenced Mrs. King.

As for the others, Rice has received recognition during past Black History Months, and so has Colin Powell, who 20 years ago was the Republican Party's Great Black Hope (when they weren't booing him at the RNC when he supported affirmative action and a woman's right to choose).

Ignoring Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn't “obvious bias," unless you're biased against assholes. Thurgood Marshall made history as the first Black Supreme Court justice. Thomas is barely the second. He helped gut the Voting Rights Act in 2013, and he's compared affirmative action to slavery and segregation. He's not a Black ally.

It's documented reality that the overwhelming majority of Black people support Democrats and reject Republicans. Conservatives like Cruz should stop trying to foist on us the few Black politicians who'll associate with them. Cruz must have run out of prominent Black Republicans if he included Powell, who endorsed Obama and spoke at the 2020 Democratic convention.

House impeachment manager and US Virgin Islands delegate Stacey Plaskett called out coup-enabling senators like Cruz and Scott: "I know that people are feeling a lot of angst and believe that maybe if we had (a witness) the senators would have done what we wanted, but, listen, we didn't need more witnesses, we needed more senators with spines."


Plaskett was once a Republican political appointee in the George W. Bush justice department. She switched parties in 2008. Democrats have gained leaders like Plaskett, while Republicans have added Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert to their caucus. Future Black History Months will remember Plaskett. Tim Scott is on his own.

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Stephen Robinson

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