Ted Kennedy Has Lived For Hundreds Of Years

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/VbrluzktF0w&hl=en expand=1]
Well dagnabbit, this Ted Kennedy-cancer news is a whole lot of No Fun. Looks like they can't take the tumor out because it's too close to "sensitive" parts of the brain, and 14 to 15 months seems to be the average survival period. The tumor is worse -- more aggressive -- for old folks, too. Even old racist Robert Byrd cried on the Senate floor today. Bummer on all levels, for everyone. But we have searched YouTube for the latest Ted Kennedy tribute videos, and here's a new one that shows Teddy "through the years." The background tunage is mighty catchy. And we can say this because it's unrelated to his cancer: Ted Kennedy looked like such a preppy douchebag for most of his life. But he did shit for poor people so it all balances out. [YouTube]


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