Ted Kennedy Hates Caroline Kennedy For Blaming Dropout On His Cancer


Jesus Christ, Caroline Kennedy: next time you think about running for any office (/harassing blind people for Senate jobs), just ignore it and throw a fundraiser for poor illiterate kids or whatever instead? Her surprise dropout yesterday, once she realized that she was out of her element and/or NOT THE PICK, has taken yet another hilarious and tragic twist that probably could have been avoided: Ted Kennedy is mad at some of her people for blaming her exit on Ted's "declining health," as in, Caroline had no idea just how bad her uncle's RAREST AND MOST DEADLIEST POSSIBLE FORM OF BRAIN CANCER was until he started floppin' around at that luncheon Tuesday. Ted and his people obviously want to be kept out of this terrible failure's failure, and also don't want her screwing up his work in the Senate, which he attends once every six months for a "victory lap."

Since Caroline and Ted Kennedy are, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the only living Kennedys, it is tragic that they have to fight and ruin each other's career:

Of all the many ways in which Caroline Kennedy's brief and unofficial candidacy for Senate was mishandled, one final ungraceful note is striking particularly close to home. Sources close to Senator Edward M. Kennedy tell TIME that his circle — including his immediate family — is furious that his brain cancer is being cited by some in her camp as the reason for her decision to withdraw her name from consideration for the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton.

"It looks horrible," says one former aide to Ted Kennedy. "It makes him look like he is at death's door." In fact, those close to Kennedy, 76, say that while the Senator is suffering occasional seizures, such as the one that sent him to the hospital on Tuesday during the celebratory Capitol lunch for the newly inaugurated President, he is generally doing well. And they add that Kennedy is fully engaged in the effort to pass universal health care legislation — a cause for which he has fought for decades, and one in which he will play a crucial role as chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

"It makes him look like he is at death's door."

Well, when will he be, then? Is he actually capable of REVAMPING AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ENTIRELY when he can't even show up for a lunch without being hospitalized? Do any of these Kennedys understand that they raise many more questions than they answer?

Ted Kennedy's Circle Upset By Caroline's Awkward Exit [Time]


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