Ted Kennedy's Ass Cushion

kennedypillow.jpgAccording to today's Yeas and Nays, Senator Ted Kennedy carries around his own ass-pillow -- emblazoned with his name and the great seal of the US -- just in case.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., brings his own upholstery with him. At least, he did yesterday for his lunchtime address at the National Press Club. A Kennedy aide brought along a needlepoint pillow, emblazoned with Kennedy's name and the Great Seal of the United States. A source tells us he often brings it with him "in case the chairs are hard."

That's the actual pillow above, and it doesn't really look all that comfortable. Or, you know.... big enough... for a Senator of such... ample...

Dammit, we're trying to get through the new year without a Ted Kennedy = fat joke and this is not helping.

Yeas and Nays [Examiner]


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