Ted Nugent Disgusted By Wimpy Stabbing Victims, Just Disgusted

Still neither jailed nor dead

Ted Nugent has just about had it with you people, going around without guns at all times and not even able to defend yourselves from a knife-wielding ISIS supporter at a mall. Honestly, does this country even have the balls to make it worth Donald Trump's time to save? In a Facebook post, Nugent, an NRA board member, griped that no armed citizens had stepped forward to blow away the man who injured nine people at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, before an off-duty cop shot the attacker dead. Nugent almost seemed disappointed that nobody died, because obviously we all need to spend every waking moment being ready to use deadly force against an attacker:

Even so, credit where it's due -- at least Nugent held back from demanding the victims of the attack be charged as accessories to their own assaults.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/594496/nevada-rep-michele-fiore-wishes-gun-free-zones-would-stop-murdering-everybody"></a>[/wonkbar]This isn't an especially new outlook for Nugent, who also complained in a poo-spattered WND column after the October 2015 mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, because all those "losers amongst us" let themselves "get cut down by murderous maniacs like blind sheep to slaughter." Nugent apparently believed the Pure Bullshit version of the Oregon shootings, in which the community college was supposedly a "gun free zone." In reality, at least one student at the college was armed, but decided he'd rather not go play Rambo and get shot to death by the SWAT team that was on the way. What a pussy.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/478860/notes-from-the-periphery-of-a-shooting-a-wonkette-moment-of-tenderness"></a>[/wonkbar]As we've noted, having witnessed an actual shooting, a public shooting event is really pretty confusing, and if everyone in a mall were carrying a gun, we'd expect more, not fewer injuries as people started blowing away other "good guys" with guns, as almost happened in the Tucson shooting during which Gabby Giffords was injured. Somehow, Facebook Tough Guys never, ever pick the wrong target.

In other News of the Nuge, a new eight-minute ad for Donald Trump features Ted Nugent among a great big pile of people giving testimonials for Trump's dedication to guns, freedom, guns, America, guns, political incorrectness, and guns. We might do a separate piece on the whole sorry mess, but here's Nugent's segment, in which we learn why Hillary Clinton endangers everything good about America. Funny how it sounds exactly like why Barack Obama endangered everything good about America:

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Ten Commandments, the golden rule. We the people, choosing our own pursuit of happiness: It doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Hunting, fishing, trapping: We the people own these precious renewable natural resources. It’s a way of life, which is why conservation is the greatest success story in the world here in America. Hillary Clinton is against all these things. She will destroy the freedom that is uniquely American. Donald Trump will safeguard the things that make America the greatest place in the world.

We've looked all over Hillary Clinton's website for her statements of opposition to the Ten Commandments, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence, but we seem to have missed those sections. Could be you have to read between the lines. Or to pound yourself over the head with an AR-15 while listening to "Scream Dream." Mr. Nugent, for his part, has offered to uphold the Constitution by calling for Hillary Clinton to be executed for treason, because Benghazi. So we guess he knows his Constitution and Ten Commandments pretty good.

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