Ted Stevens Deliberations Disrupted By Crazy Person

Ted Stevens Deliberations Disrupted By Crazy Person

The jurors in the corruption trial for corrupt Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens are now in their second day of deliberations, and they're having trouble! It seems one among them is running around the jury room shouting schizoid psychobabble at the others, which is just not productive at all, and so the other jurors have tattled on her! "In a note to the judge, jurors asked that one of their panel be sent home. The note described the female juror as rude, disrespectful and unreasonable." We hear that this lady juror's name is Michele and she's been calling her colleagues "anti-America" whenever they say anything.

The judge has responded to the jurors by telling them all to grow up and stop being so mean to each other. This is good for the defense, because it only takes one crazy cat lady to hold her ground for a hung jury and accordant mistrial.

And in this jury, all it takes is one Republican and/or Democrat! The verdict here is likely to determine exclusively whether or not Ted Stevens will keep his Senate seat in November, and the Democrats need a win in Alaska to have any hope of reaching the filibuster-proof 60 seats, so pretty much everything ever is on the line in that jury room, and it would be a shock if this thing didn't end in a mistrial.

Stevens Jury Reports Chaos; Judge Urges Calm [Washington Post]


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