Teen Media Nerds Will Rule the World

The NYT unmasks the blogger behind the media junkie fix known as CableNewser.com: He's Brian Stelter, an 18-year-old college student in Baltimore whose obsession with cable news will probably fade once he starts dating. According to the Times, some people had assumed that there was an actual cable news professional behind the site -- we hope Brian's not too insulted, it's not like he didn't use verbs or something.

But isn't it sad when it turns out anonymous bloggers are really, literally, people you've never heard of? We had enjoyed thinking that CableNewser.com was written by Joe Scarborough. . . You know? He has a show on MSNBC. . . at 10 o'clock? S-C-A-R-B-O-R-O-U-G-H. . .Oh, nevermind.

UPDATE: Brian writes with some welcome news: "Ever since my girlfriend and I started dating last month, I have been a little bit less obsessed about cable. A little."

The Ultimate Cable News Guru, When Not in Class [NYT]

CableNewser.com [CableNewser.com]


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