Teens Love Getting Schtupped by Old Congressmen

'Learn me about the government, Senator!' - WonketteAfter the Mark Foley scandal, it was all but certain that even the most naive "civic minded" teenager would avoid the House and Senate page programs. Instead, becoming a page is more popular than ever before.

The Foley publicity served as a notice for America's kids: If you want creepy old men to fuck you all the time, come to the Hill! An aide from Nancy Pelosi's office says that ever since Cocktober, there's been "more interest from the general public calling about it, and there's been more interest from members on how they go about nominating someone for the program."

So it's not just kids who dream of being young meat for an old politician -- parents are anxious to turn over their children's orifices to Congress, too!

Despite Scandal, Page Program More Popular [Politico]


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