'Teeth The Size Of Large Cucumbers'

  • A lone gunman, apparently a "mentally challenged youngster" of 20 or so, got on a Canadian plane that had landed in Jamaica and kept the passengers and crew hostage. Eventually he released the passengers, and negotiators got him to let the crew go and disarm. He apparently wanted to go to Cuba. [ABC News]
  • Waterboarding, the infrequently used alternative interrogation technique, was administered uh 266 times to two different terrorism suspects. [Guardian]
  • Over a dozen thoroughbred horses died just before a polo match on Sunday in Florida. As in, dropped dead, LITERALLY. [CNN]
  • Oracle must be running out of companies to buy, because it just made an offer on Sun. [CNNMoney]
  • Whaaa? Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked Tehran's chief prosecutor to take another look at the case of an American journalist recently convicted of spying. And today the head of Iran's judiciary agreed and ordered an appeal. [New York Times]
  • Look out, credit card companies! President Obama is coming for your balls. [Reuters]
  • Monday Morning Video Extra: PROOF OF MASSIVE SEA MONSTER! (With cucumber-sized teeth.) [Reuters UK]

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