The Tennessee Senate race between Democrat Harold Ford and Republican Bob Corker is really damn close. Ford, unmarried, does have a bit of a thing for white girls. But because both candidates are pretending that this is about Iraq or some other bullshit like that, Corker has to pretend to "distance" himself from ads like the one above, in which, yes, the terrifying spectre of Harold Ford cavorting with dangerously pale models and strippers is suggested -- briefly, but a little too obviously.

Ford responded by crashing Corker's press conference, which is pretty cool. Ford was ostensibly upset because of Corker's ad trashing Ford's family (which painted the other Fords as somehow lazy gadabouts and hard-working corrupt lobbyists). Because everyone's more comfortable talking about the suggestion of familial impropriety than the race-baiting thing, we'll compare the Ford and Corker families' embarrassment potential after the jump.

Embarrassing Ford Family Member:

Brother Jake.

Jake Ford held a downtown press conference to confirm that in his late teens and early twenties, while living in the District of Columbia, he had been arrested several times -- for offenses ranging from marijuana possession to Driving Under the Influence to assault upon his father, former congressman Harold Ford Sr.

Jake Ford is currently running for Harold's congressional seat as an independent.

Embarrassing Corker Family Member:

Daughter Julia.

Julia is currently attending college.


Corker. Unlike the threat of miscegenation, college girl-on-girl action probably appeals to most Tennessee voters. We're calling this one for Bob.


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