Tennessee GOP Wants Law To Protect Anti-Gay Bullies From Persecution

So remember when the Tennessee state Senate passed a bill last year making it illegal for teachers to so much as acknowledge the existence of gay people within earshot of their young students? To hillbilly homo-foobs this is known as "savin' tha childrunz," but in fancy legal terminology this is known as "censorship." (And in plain English, "stupid.") Sanity miraculously won out, and that bill ultimately did not become law. TACTICAL SHIFT NEEDED. How about, instead, a bill to fight censorship? Not to protect gay students or anything, SHEESH, no one picks on them in schools. No, the proposed law will protect the rights of the real victims, the students who want to call gays mean names for "religious" reasons.

From WSMV.com:

The proposal would alter the state's anti-bullying laws to allow students to speak their religious and political views against homosexuality without punishment as long as the student isn't threatening harm or damaging property.

"This kind of legislation can send a message that it's ok to hate and we'll even give you religious sanction for it. You can say what you want. As long as you say it's for religious reasons, you've got backup," said Chris Sanders, with Tennessee Equality Project.

The bill is a top priority for the conservative Family Action Council, which on its website says its intent is to clarify that unpopular beliefs don't constitute bullying.

Sigh. At least the Family Values crowd in Tennessee is starting to self-consciously refer to their hateful bigotry as "unpopular," so maybe that's something. Not much, though. [WSMV.com via Wonkette operative "chascates"]


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