Tennessee Legislators To Prove That Obama Is Not American

Tennessee Legislators To Prove That Obama Is Not American

Thechair of the House Republican Caucus in the world's stupidestimaginablegoverning body -- the Tennessee state legislature -- is this guy named Glen Casada. Even though "Casada" lacks the proper vowel-to-consonant ratio required to be a "Real American," this guy, along with some other Knox County legislators, will be listed in a new lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's citizenship in the United States, which he runs. Have we written about this yet? Who knows anymore.

Two Knox County legislators have joined House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada in signing up as supporters of a lawsuit trying to force President Barack Obama to turn over a copy of his birth certificate.


"I want to end the controversy," [Rep. Stacey] Campfield said. "Obama claims he wants to be a very open person, and this is the perfect way to show that - by turning over the birth certificate to get over all the questions and concerns."

They better think about the implications that this will have, when it works. Joe Biden will become president -- and he's a Mexican.

Knox legislators join effort that seeks Obama's birth certificate [Knox News]


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