TERRIBLE: Egyptian Army Supports Mubarak's Decision To Stay

  • Hosni Mubarak announced yesterday that he enjoys being a rich dictator and is not interested in resigning so just deal with it, causing widespread grumpiness and serious blue balls throughout Egypt. And today we learn that the Egyptian army supports Mubarak's decision to serve the rest of his term. Weak, weak sauce. Meanwhile, army leaders "continue to call on the pro-democracy movement to stand down," while promising not to "pursue protesters through legal means." (They will pursue/run over protesters with their secret police vans instead.) Is this really the orderly, democratic transition of power that the Egyptian people were promised? [McClatchy]
  • Today is Robert Gibbs' last day as White House Press Secretary! He will be remembered fondly for describing liberals critical of Obama as a bunch of crazed junkies, and also for inventing the first White House Press Secretary Twitter! Most historians agree that Robert Gibbs was not as sexual as Dana Perino. [CNN]
  • Arizona is counter-suing the federal government for "failing to enforce immigration laws." [The Caucus]


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