Terrible News Regarding The Font Of Your Trendy Furniture


  • It's "purely coincidental" that Chris Wallace has been continually plagued with painful bouts of "the mud butt" since 9/11. [Think Progress]

  • General Russel Honoré, affectionately known as Cojones Honoré, might pop a plump nut all over David Vitter's senate seat (which is really just a taxidermied hooker). [TPM]

  • Everyone in L.A. is just getting so high and groovy on the dankest strains of "Purple Kush" and "Perez Hilton Sticky Icky." [The Daily Dish]

  • Swedish futon dealership Ikea has changed their typeface, which means if you are sensitive about fonts, you should probably kill yourself. [AMERICAblog]

  • Erick Erickson will recite Gregorian Limbaugh chants with Sean Hannity, TONIGHT, at 9:30 pm. [RedState]


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