Terrible Racist Dead Bear Shrine Not Racist After All

Terrible Racist Dead Bear Shrine Not Racist After All

So the poor sad bear cub that was dumped, dead, on the campus of Western Carolina University with Obama signs over its head wasnot some weird violent threat-omen against black people or Democratic voters or bears. 'Twas a lighthearted prank, carried out by a couple of whimsical young men, for larfs!

One assumes they were stinking drunk out of their minds when they did this:

According to a statement from the university, the students found the bear while camping Saturday night and continued with their trip.

They returned home and unloaded their gear Sunday before returning to the woods to get the bear. They brought the bear to a party at The Summit, an off-campus housing complex, and there they decided to dump it at a roundabout in front of the administration building.

The Obama campaign material involved was really two signs taped together...

Nonetheless, a faculty panel convened to discuss the "healing" everybody needs after some stupid boozebags put a couple of lawn signs on a dead bear.

2 face charges in bear prank [Asheville Citizen-Times]


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